Root Canal Treatment

For a severely damaged or diseased tooth root canal treatment is considered as a” life-saving” treatment.The orthodontist at Bhardwaj Clinic will always recommend a tooth canal to avoid tooth extraction for the natural smile to be intact.

The natural cavity at the center of the tooth is referred to as the” root canal”. The root canal has soft tissue called pulp and the tooth’s nerves. Infection or inflammation is caused if bacteria or debris enter this area or in extreme cases, an abscess.

Like many other dental procedures root canal has also got the benefit of technological advancement and improved standard of materials. Before the actual procedure is performed all the options are discussed and also the use of anesthesia to make sure the comfortability of the patients.


Procedure after root canal treatment

Placement of a dental crown is needed to strengthen the tooth after the root canal therapy to help support the structure of the tooth. Crowns are always color-matched and custom fit to look natural. They fit around the tooth like a cap to help support the long term health of the tooth.

What to expect from root canal therapy?

The root canal therapy generally is a one sitting procedure but a second visit is necessary for placing the dental crown. Patients who are fearful of dental treatments or dental clinics.

Bhardwaj clinic offers dental sedation for them. This helps the patient to be at ease for the root canal treatment.

Then the procedure is performed by removing tooth pulp from the interior of the infected tooth and then the chamber of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly. After the completion of the process, the tooth is sealed properly. The root canal is having a reputation as a painful procedure but in reality, it is very similar to a regular tooth filling and there is not any greater discomfort. After the procedure, many patients enjoy freedom from pain.

For patients who are fearful of dental treatments or dentist offices, dental sedation is the option. To help patients put at ease for a root canal, nitrous oxide(also known as “laughing gas”)is administered. A root canal is actually very similar to a regular tooth filling and there usually isn’t any greater discomfort, either. Once the infection is removed, cleaned, and sealed after the procedure patients often enjoy relief from pain.

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