The look of a person’s smile depends much on the shape and length of the gum. There are many reasons for gums either to be too high or recession as well because of disease or the aging process. The gums can also come down too far over the top of the tooth, making them appear short or out of balance with the aesthetic of appearance. Bhardwaj Dental Clinic with the use of laser dentistry helps the patients to change the shape of the gums via gum contouring procedure.

Gum contouring: Improving Health and Aesthetics

Laser dentistry provides beautiful aesthetic results by reshaping the gums without the need for gum surgery. The dental laser process can change the look of a patient’s smile either subtly or dramatically, which allows for more definite treatment without harming the surrounding tissues. If not treated early and properly gum recession can put forth a growing dental health concern and increase the risk of tooth loss. Gum recession is a process involving the wearing away of gum tissue that surrounds the tooth or pulls back slowly over time. It exposes the tooth root and creates pockets between the tooth and gum line. This further leads to plaque collection in these pockets causing more recession, gum disease, tooth loss, and bone loss. So, it is very important to get the receding gums treated at the earliest to avoid any further issues.The dental laser has many advantages:

–  Less pain and discomfort
–  Less amount of bleeding or swelling
–  Little or no downtime
–  Accurate treatment
–  No scalpels and suture

By triggering the body’s natural healing response laser treatment minimizes the side effects and thus improves recovery.

What to expect from gum contouring

Gum contouring with laser dentistry significantly reduces the risks, side effects, and recovery associated with oral surgery. Gum tissues can be gently reshaped with great verity for a better result that will not mortify the nearby gums and soft tissues. Although the gums may feel tender or there will be minor swelling, that subsides within a a few days and the normal activities can be resumed instantly. A soft and mushy diet enables optimal healing and reduces the risk of infection.

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