Single Tooth Implants

Replacing one lost or missing tooth with a dental implant will provide the most naturally looking and functioning result. It will look and feel just like your natural tooth. Bhardwaj Dental Clinic provides experienced care for the placement of your dental implant in Indore. 

Dental implants have quickly become the “gold standard” of restorative dentistry because of the benefits they offer for long term dental health. A dental implant effectively replaces both the root and the tooth structure. This is what sets it apart from more traditional options. The tiny implanted post acts like a tooth root and helps to stabilize bone growth in the jaw, avoiding jaw shrinkage and changes in the fit of the bite that commonly occur after tooth loss.


Dr. Amit Bhardwaj will thoroughly evaluate your dental health and discuss your personal goals to ensure that you are a candidate for dental implants and will enjoy a lasting result.

Dental Implant VS. Dental Bridge

A dental bridge has been the traditional replacement option for one missing tooth. While still an effective option, a dental implant offers additional benefits for single tooth replacement when compared to a dental bridge.

When placing a dental bridge, unless the anchor teeth are new implants, existing teeth need to be degraded to accommodate a dental crown and support the bridge. This ultimately compromises the health of two more teeth, risking the need for additional dental restorative treatment down the road. Many patients experience deterioration of the anchor teeth over time which can lead to loss of those teeth and the need for a larger bridge or denture.

Dr. Amit Bhardwaj has the expertise to place a dental implant that will not only restore function to your smile, but provide a lifetime of beautiful smiles that look and feel completely natural.

Single Tooth Dental Implants What to Expect

The dental implant process has several steps, all of which can be completed by Dr. Amit Bhardwaj at one BDC Centre. The process will begin with digital diagnostics to evaluate your teeth and gums structure and plan the accurate placement of your new implant.

Surgical Phase: the first procedure is the surgical placement of the titanium post into the jaw. This will require up to 6 months to fully heal and fuse with the existing bone, also known as osseointegration.

Placement of Abutment: the abutment resembles a natural tooth after crown preparation and is placed on top of the post. It will eventually be used to permanently secure your custom dental crown, providing stability and strength.

Final Restoration: once all tissues have healed properly, Dr. Amit Bhardwaj will place your custom made dental crown which is permanently secured to the abutment and serve as a prosthetic tooth.

Current patients enjoy an over 95% success rate with dental implants. There is no need for daily maintenance, and with proper dental care, your implant will last a lifetime.