Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants An Overview

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. This also supports and improves your long term oral health. Dr. Amit Bhardwaj has advanced training and years of experience in implant dentistry. He offers expert care for your smile with full services for dental implants and sedation options for your comfort.

A dental bridge or a partial denture are traditional option for replacing several consecutive lost or missing teeth. Both are typically anchored by two healthy teeth that are often strengthened with dental crowns. While a dental bridge or partial denture can effectively replace your lost teeth, it can require daily maintenance and also affects the health of the anchor teeth.

Dr. Amit Bhardwaj often recommends an implant-supported dental bridge that is permanent and offers a secure result. An implant-supported bridge will function like your natural teeth and last a lifetime with proper dental care. This option also provides important benefits for your quality of life and overall oral health:

  • Stabilizes bone tissue in the jaw and reduces shrinkage of the jaw
  • Does not require adjacent teeth to be degraded
  • Normal chewing function allows you to enjoy a varied diet

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants What to Expect

The placement of an implant-secured bridge or partial denture will require several visits to our Sterling dentist office for treatment planning, surgical post implantation and the placement of your final restoration.

Dr. Amit Bhardwaj uses advanced digital technology for more accurate planning and a better end result. The Dental CT or CBCT Scan allows us to assess the underlying health and structure of your bone and gum tissue and more precisely place your dental implants for the most predictable, stable and healthy result.

Once placement is planned, any preparatory dentistry (tooth extraction, impressions) and the surgical implantation of the post(s) will take place. This step requires up to 6 months of healing time after to ensure that the process known as osseointegration takes place and the bone is completely healed.

Dr. Amit Bhardwaj will permanently secure your custom dental bridge or partial denture for a new smile that feels and looks natural, giving you back the ability to eat, speak and enjoy life each day without discomfort or embarrassment.

A dental bridge or partial denture that is secured with dental implants will provide a lifetime of good oral health with routine dental care and good oral hygiene. There is no need for daily maintenance and your appliance will not begin to slip over time because the post will stabilize the bone structure in your jaw, reducing changes in the fit of the bite and your dental appliance.