Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Patient Benefits of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry A microscope is not commonly used by dentists when doing dental operations. Bhardwaj Dental Clinic is different from other dentists in that they use magnifiers to improve the quality and outcome of their work. About Microscope Dentistry During a checkup, the dentist uses a microscope to improve his vision….

Indore, India

Indore Tourism

‘Indore,’ one of Madhya Pradesh’s most popular and attractive cities, has always enthralled visitors with the magnetism of its architectural majesty and fascinating history. Various historical monuments and religious sites have been constructed by the famous Maharashtrian king ‘Holkar’ who dominated the city for several years. Indore’s rich cultural legacy makes it one of the…

COVID-19 and Black Fungus - Bhardwaj Dental Clinic

COVID-19 and Black Fungus: What Is Mucormycosis?

Many people suffering from COVID-19 have recently been afflicted with black fungus disease, also known as mucormycosis. The organism spreads through the sinuses and into the infraorbital and intracranial ranges. If the disease progresses unchecked, 50-80% of patients will die. Fungi are most often seen in people’s kitchens when fruits rot or bread becomes moldy….

History of dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most ancient medical professions, born in 7000 BC. With the Indus Valley Civilization. However, it was not until 5000 BC. Details related to dental and dental caries were available. At the time, a Sumerian text attributed tooth decay to dental caries, an idea that was not proven wrong until the…